That magical time when something surprising,

and amazing,

happens in the world—


the air is suddenly fresher and more invigorating,

everything smells so good,

and the sun shines brighter,

and time…

what happened to time?


It no longer presses so hard upon us….

instead, it meanders,

like a path stumbled upon;

and we happily lose ourselves in this moment.


We are vacationing!


We are accomplishing nothing,

and yet,

we are satisfied in this,

more than anything.


This is the time, more than ever,

when we thrust open the windows of our mind,

and let the wind blow through our heart…

softening it,

gentleizing us,

and making us human again,

now more than ever—


we smile more,

give more,

forgive more,

and become more.


Vacation is a taste of paradise,

when we can feel the earth’s embrace,

and imagine heaven’s promise…

when we shine a little brighter.



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