The Daily Miracles of St Elizabeth Parish

The Lord is the one who answers prayer.

He has heard our prayers and satisfied our requests.

Let us glorify the Lord, for He is abundant in kindness, and in compassion towards all who follow Him, and trust in His name.


I have been like the Israeli children of old, as they wandered in the wilderness.

I have forgotten the good things that God has done.

Even now, I must work to avoid forgetting.

His blessings are all too numerous to mention, but hear of just a few—


We called upon the Lord to bring healing, and long life for Cornelius,

and he was healed and stands among us.

We prayed for safety and strength for Rachel and the child Sam, born of her,

and God has brought them through a long trial, healthy and strong.

We hoped for work closer to home and more convenient for Rafael and his family,

and just like a vision, after months of waiting, God answered our prayer and fulfilled our hopes, granting him the work he desires.


I have seen these things first-hand, and they have inspired and encouraged me.


We prayed that Helen would recover from her stroke, and that she and Kirk might have more time in this life, to share their love and time with one another,

and You, Lord, are giving Helen strength and ability once again, in answer to our prayers. We hear of her progress daily.


These are only a few of the daily blessings God has given.

Help me to remember You Lord, always, and bring to mind all of the remarkable and surprising things that You do for us.

Likewise, help us always to call on You, God, and to look to You for all our needs.


Forgive me for my blindness, to the miracles that stand, literally, all around me—testaments, all of them, that You are, truly in our midst.



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