A Vain-Glorious Trap

The mind can act like a vain-glorious trap—catching the gifts and virtues which have been given to us on loan by God, and holding them as mental images depicting us as men or women in glory, worthy to be admired, or honored, or even worshiped by others and ourselves.

Every good gift is from above, and one can receive nothing, unless it has been given them from heaven. Yet the mind can imagine itself to be the originator, and cause of every good thing; and then it can falsely endow our self-image with these gifts, convincing us that they are really our own.

Beware the vain-glorious trap, that our mind can be, and its creative capacity for delusion! For the Spirit, the giver of every gift of grace and virtue, is like the wind—moving this way and that—and impossible to contain.

Behind every goodness we think is ours, is the Creator of Goodness, the only Goodness. At best, we are merely the glass through which His light shines forth. Are we wise, are we knowledgeable, are we talented in some art or music, have we love, or mercy, kindness or compassion? Beware! Lest these good things become bad, being twisted by the minds-eye, which inclines to fantasies of self-love.


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