Remembering God

To remember God is to forget ourselves, in every good way. Remembering God is the end of sadness, when we put to rest our attachment to everything fleeting and passing, and find eternal life within our Source. It is the end of striving, and we find our ambitions satisfied, and our desires fulfilled. It is the death of melancholy and boredom, when His life fills us with purpose and vitality. Remembering God causes courage to blossom, and fear to wilt; it is the revelation of unity and the vanishing of division. Anger towards our brother and sister, or towards the world in general, dissipates, as our eyes are fixed only on our destination in God. Remembering God deflates our ego, and the false belief in our own autonomy and power, as we come to our senses and recognize our true source of existence, from which every power and gift flows. Remembering God is the beginning of self-control in all things, as His peace fills our soul, and the ragings of our appetites are weaned. Remembering God is the life’s work of our soul; it is the occupation of our mind, our body, and our heart every moment of every day. It is the fulfilling of His commandments and the beginning of love. Remembering God is our beginning and our ending; it is our life and it is our salvation.


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