Come, look and see all the magnificent things God has done for us.

He has given us minds capable of comprehending.

This alone is astounding, and not to be taken lightly, but is reason to be awestruck.

You have been given millions upon millions of neurons, networks, synapses capable of complexities of thought; a brain of startling depth and intricacy.

A heart capable of fathomless intimacy.


Come, remember who you are, a being made in the image and likeness of God Himself.

The very essence of divinity is woven into your structure.

Wisdom made you a substance of light and spirit.

How wonderful is He who made you and gave you potential to live and know and have your being—able to seek your Maker, and act within His grace, to do His commandments, and to share in His unending Love.


Come and arise, and wake up to your calling to love as He loves, to do as He does, to be holy even as He is holy.


Come and be perfect, be whole, as you were intended to be from the beginning.


Come and be enslaved to the Master of All, casting your lot with His.

Be courageous, and come alive in the pure life of holy freedom.


Come out and away from your enslavement to sin.

Cast away the works of the enemy and run into the arms of Christ, your salvation and your hope.


Do we have reason to be overwhelmed by God’s Love?

Do we, rather, have any reason to fail to be so moved?


Come now to your senses once again!

Come back to yourself.

Remember and repent and return!

Come back!


And when you have returned.

Come Lord Jesus, come, and abide with us!




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