Our Eternal Echo

Imagine that you are living eternally even now,

and that every thought and action that you enact in this moment,

is establishing you in eternity.


Virtue as steps to heaven,

or passions like withered vines.


What foundation are you building here,

and what seeds are you planting now?


Imagine if this moment were to be captured and lived out perpetually,

your current inner state to be cast in stone, or formed in iron;

is this who you want to be?


Cast instead, yourself at the feet of your maker,

and plead with God for the power and wisdom to live this moment,

as He commands.


We all fell with Adam when we were deceived,

by the devil in our pride,

and perpetuated by our unaccountability.


Why continue to fall? Haven’t you fallen far enough,

exchanging heavenly realms above,

for meaner, more solid, yet less substantial joy in this lower world?


Yet even lower worlds than this are calling,

for those who desire them,

as higher ones are being prepared for your return.


What step will you take at this very moment,

which direction will you move in your eternal now?


For as step leads to step,

here becomes there;

what appears insignificant now,

will echo forever.



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