The Evergreens & Me

Glorious evergreen trees—

describers of beauty,

and illustrators of God’s Love,

dignified and wise sentinels—

you stand watch in the awakening dawn,

your upturned faces aglow;

and you crown the twilight skies,

your silhouettes stark against the waning light.


Alone or en masse you inspire me—

by your serene patience and constancy,

always at attention,

alert and perceiving,

quietly, silently, exuding your wisdom.


Thank you for standing watch over me,

and all of my brothers and sisters.


You are always here among us,

as a testament to our Heavenly Father’s enduring love.

You are living examples of life eternal,

for by comparison with our short human sojourns,

your arboreal longevity seems infinite.


You stand unmovable like rock,

but you are alive like flesh.

Deep within your furrows,

and under your barky skin,

there is life, alive and vibrant, and energetic.


Though you stand so still and stoically,

you teem with vitality, and are active beyond measure.

A never ending river of life courses through you,

as you make food from light,

and shower us with oxygen and water.


In so many ways I depend on you,

and not least of all you show me how to worship.

I always see you standing in constant prayer—

Never failing.


Like arrows, your bodies, they direct my thoughts to heaven,

and your many arms, outstretched and swaying, call upon the Lord all day and night.


As I gaze up into your massive structures, I am in awe of you—

and your slow, yet inexorable,

and indefatigable climb upwards into the Heavens—

I hope and pray that I may seek that same Kingdom

with a fraction of the dedication I perceive in you.


Glorious evergreen trees,

thank you for all of these things,

and thank you God,

for giving us one another.



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