The Humus-Man

Some are made to scale great heights,

some are made for grandeur.

Yet I have found a simpler place—

a life akin to manure.


Let others steal their place in the limelight,

only to come away burned.

A spotlight is too harsh for me,

though I’ve sought it many times.


Some can thrive in that bright light;

I thought that I could bear it.

Its heat and pressure is unpleasant;

I’m blinded by its brilliance.


My place is in the earth,

not upon the stage.

I wasn’t made to reach the stars,

or be the best there ever was.

I was made for simpler things—

a humble life, like humus.


I am a humus-man,

an anti-modern,

counter-culture man.


I am not a company—

I will not market myself,

nor charge a fee.


I’m not a brand,

but just a man.


I’m casting off the social medias,

the pressures to be relevant,

I’m finding freedom within the earth,

hidden peace shrouded in the dirt.


I do not matter—

not in the ways of this modern place.

I am matter—

hoping to nourish you with a humble grace.



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