Morning At The Comedy Pond

I love this time of year:

when the geese come,

and the ducks,

and a gentle breeze blows through the reeds.


Everyone is on the move now,

while I stand silently.

I smile, as I listen,

to the ducks as they laugh—


they chuckle jovially,

as they lift into the air.

They are a humorous bunch—

come listen, and see.


A group of them are swimming about in the early morning light,

testing their jokes on one another as they pass—

a chuckle here and a chortle there—

it is a good morning.


Suddenly erupts

a hearty guffaw from the entire group.

I couldn’t hear what was said,

but I laugh along with them anyway.


They clap their wings,

the show is over,

and they fly away.


I stand motionlessly

at the waters edge,

as joy takes flight within my heart.



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