A Lamentation

Have you cast me into outer darkness, O Lord?

Dear Lord, why have You forsaken me?

I search all day long for You, and do not find You.

I don’t know where You are, and am lost in searching.


Others, they mock me for my searching and say,

“God is nowhere to be found, why waste your time looking?”

They are content in their surroundings,

they grow fat on the wealth of the land.


But I am not comforted by the comforts of this place.

I yearn for You, and call upon Your name.

Why have you forsaken me?

You leave me alone in a desolate place, where I wait for You.


I grow weary in waiting, and my heart grows faint,

You are my only hope, and in You I put my trust.

Only come Lord, do not leave me here forsaken.

Do not cast me out, Lord, but come speedily to my aid.


Please do not let me be a fool, and an object of derision,

to those who place their trust in here and now.

Raise me up out of my misery, Lord, that they may know,

there is a God in heaven above and on earth below.




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