The Other Side of Loneliness

On the other side of loneliness,

there is a place.


I’m telling you.


I’ve been there

and it’s not so bad.

There’s nothing to be afraid of,

because it isn’t nothing—

this loneliness.


You aren’t alone,

though it may feel that way,

for a time.


Yes, I’ve seen you running

trying to get away.

Away from that fearful silence.

I understand.

I’ve been running too.


Let me tell you though—

on the other side of loneliness,

is the place where you’ll encounter you.

I know because it’s where

I encountered me.


You may have felt it in a forest,

or heard it whispering at the beach—

stillness calling you to silence.


Have courage—

endure the boredom,

face the tears—

the twin veils which mask

your entry into you.


Else, live a life of constant fleeing—

never finding rest.




One thought on “The Other Side of Loneliness”

  1. Yes, I see “this present moment” through this whole writing. Yes. We need to stop fleeing this moment. I love the encouragement to “take courage”. Love it.


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