August 13

It is sinful to ascribe to God the characteristic features of fallen man, such as that God is angry and vengeful and therefore He must be propitiated and appeased. Such an attitude wants to make it appear that it is God Who needs curing and not man. But this is sacrilegious…we cannot say that God is offended…consequently, sin is not an offense to God, Who must be cured, but our own illness, and therefore we have need of a cure….

Sin injures man and because of it our whole existence is ill. Nor do we add anything to God by doxology, but we ourselves are sanctified and share in His glory. Thus through Christ’s incarnation and His sacrifice on the cross we have the restoration of man to his former glory and not a propitiation of God….

Thus by His sacrifice on the cross Christ did not propitiate His Father, but He cured the ailing nature of man….the Father neither asked nor needed the blood of His only begotten Son. But Christ offered it in order to cure man and to sanctify him.

~Metropolitan Hierotheos


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