July 6

…we often say that the sources of our faith are two, Holy Scripture and Holy Tradition. Without completely excluding this position, I should like to make clear that the source of our Faith is one. And this is Pentecost, the Revelation, which happened once in history and, after that, everyone is given the possibility of experiencing it in his personal life. Pentecost is the highest point of Revelation. The saints attain the experience of Pentecost, that is to say the experience of deification, of partaking of the deifying energy of God. Afterwards this experience, which is so-called ‘uncreated words’, is conveyed through created words and conceptions, that is to say, through Holy Scripture and the Holy Tradition….When we are disconnected from the atmosphere of the Church, it is completely impossible for us to interpret Holy Scripture and the patristic texts…because they are written expressions of the Revelation.

~Metropolitan Hierotheos

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