July 5

The true faith cures man and so guides him to the real worship of God and true communion with Him. Therefore the trueness of the faith is seen from the trueness of the cure of the person. If a faith does not cure man, it is not true. On this point we can maintain that Orthodoxy, as to method, resembles the sciences of today. A theoretical truth of science is confirmed by its results. Thus the faith of the Church, Orthodoxy, has results, it can cure man. And I believe that on this point the difference between the Orthodox Church and other ‘Churches’ is clearly visible. The orthodox faith recognizes the real illness of man, pinpoints it effectively, recognizes clearly what is real health, which is deification, but also recognizes well the methods by which it will cure the sick man.

These presuppositions determine the genuineness of the faith. If we examine carefully all the dogmatic differences between the Churches, that is to say, between Orthodoxy and the other ‘Churches’, we shall see that in reality they are made explicit on the matter of knowing the illness and the method of cure.

~Metropolitan Hierotheos

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