The Space Explorers

We are in a weightlessness of space,

untethered and floating away into darkness.

The Father’s love is reaching out to us, to catch us,

and draw us back to safety.

Our choice to reach out and grab the line

offered us through Christ His Son.

There is no other tether to draw us back into our original bliss.

Certainly there are other ways to ameliorate our supine sleep,

and other comforts to enjoy,

as we fall away into abandon.


We look for other suns to warm us,

in our slow inevitable decline,

as we are passing our time in this cold, dark vacuum.

We see stars and reach out to them for warmth,

but they are indifferent to our inner yearnings,

and laugh secretly at our poverty.

We attempt to hitch ourselves to a passing comet,

the newest one, that might take us home again,

or give our freefall meaning,

but it glances past us and sets us in a spiraling motion,

still floating, arms flailing now and grasping at stardust.


We cannot breathe,

for the weightlessness of our world

is crushing us and we gasp for air,

searching desperately for a way out.

Meanwhile the Father’s love is reaching out to us,

to catch us, and draw us back to safety.

Would that we only reach out and grab it

and follow His line back to our eternal home.


We search for a new world, a new home in the darkness of space

and reject the best one that is offered to us.



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