Chutes and Ladders

We began in silence,

formed in the stillness of a womb,

and then the beating of a heart was our accompaniment,

in the march to life.


Ascending step by step into a promised land,

following the light,

hand in hand with the angels.

We were on a joyous climb.


But then, what treachery halted our progress,

and what trickery forestalled our steps?

We slid backwards and lost what we were made for,

and became what we were never intended to be.


The causes are myriad,

and they are legion.

These viral vicissitudes infecting our natural goodness,

into a wanton descent.


Pick one, for they are so numerous now.

Anger, accelerating man’s descent into madness,

it is the gateway to hell on earth,

and the blindness which erases all memory of our common life.


Anger is the slide, a joyless ride, into darkness.

Forgiveness is the only ladder,

leading out of the pit and back into the light.



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