The Holy Imposition

“I am satisfied with myself,”

I heard him say.

“Of course I could be better,

but in general I’m okay.”


“Eternal life? It can’t be known.

Since nobody can prove it.

I’ll live this life right here and now,

before it’s time to lose it.”


She goes to church religiously,

each Sunday in the morning.

She often finds it boring,

though sometimes she stays ’til three.


Yet after church she hurries home,

not a moment to be squandered.

All her worries to be pondered,

fears, anxieties free to roam.


Minds filled with doubts and vanity,

like little ones tucked in at night,

we comfort and we hold so tight,

divorced from peace and sanity.


Entertained into a stupor,

wandering lives lived aimlessly,

rushed from one place to another,

running headlong into the sea.


Yet for those with courage of acceptance,

there’s a life of transformation,

founded on Christ’s Incarnation,

built with faith, hope and repentance.


There’s a Holy Imposition,

for all with worldly ambition;

there’s a heavenly infusion,

to cure malaise and our confusion.


We’re the sick and we’re the dying,

without Him there is no healing,

there’s only hiding and or crying,

human tricks to numb the feeling.


Loving God alone with all our heart,

loving enemy and brother,

sacrificing all which keep us apart,

seeking God above all other.


Patience and humility,

joy and simplicity,

honesty and purity,

praise and thanksgiving!


Peace and sanity,

silence and sanctity,

stillness and divinity,

grant us Holy Living!


Give us Holy Life!



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