Great Pearl of the Desert

There is a desert which stretches out before me, within my heart.

It is a quiet place. Still and lonely, and vibrant—

ablaze with light.


I have not trod here.


It calls to me in silent, unspoken words—

with breath my spirit understands.

And I know that I must step into this landscape,

leaving the world behind.


But there is a jungle teeming with life, within my mind.

Populated, unholy, with every kind of thing—

a busy place.


This is where I live.


I am wrapped here in familiar essences—

comfortable and hypnotizing.

I am held by my loves too strong,

and misdirected.


Arise! Oh my soul, and gather yourself within me.

Make haste to embark upon this journey.

The wilderness is waiting, do not linger over your meal—

this bread of sorrows.


The enemy may pursue but will not overtake you,

trample them in the dust of this arid land.

And there will be a fiery sun to burn the demons of noonday,

and a silvery moon to enlighten your steps at night.


Tears of repentance shall be your guide,

and love of God will quicken your steps.

Here arises a great pearl, wrought within a heart given to God,

made pure by tears,

and polished in the crucible of worldly sacrifice.


There is a great Pearl of the Desert, awaiting in our hearts.

The Kingdom of our Lord and Savior,

found through His sufferings and sorrows—


Dawning gloriously with bright tomorrows.



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