When God Walked Among Us

We cannot remember,

a time when God walked among us.

Now we are estranged;

some of us determined He is no more.

How the holy have fallen,

splintered fragments of former glory.

The city on a hill has fallen,

its gates broken and destroyed.

How its beauty and youth,

have been plundered and squandered.

We have become content,

with far less than what was intended for us.

We live like babes in a nursery,

enamored by toys and squabbling over them.

We are intelligent and advanced,

yet not nearly as dissimilar to toddlers as we ought to be.

We’ve left our natural habitat among the stars,

and traded the heavens for homes made of mud.

We cloud the clear waters of our nature with sin,

and mar the surface of still waters through busy-ness.


We do not see our God with us—

Is He with us?

Does He walk still among us even now?

Is He standing here with us in plain sight;

in Spirit and in Truth?

We no longer see spirit,

and no longer know truth.


We seek our God halfway,

in measured increments on a Sunday.

We wait to get serious,

until the hour of our death.

We hope it will not come too soon,

we are not ready, have not prepared.

Give us just a little more time,

and then we will change our ways.

We live today as if it will last forever,

and treat forever as if it will never come.


If we could only remember the time,

when God walked among us—

We would not then settle for anything else.



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