Sunny Vader

Sunny Vader—

Little known cousin

of that dark villain Darth.

Hippy love child,

born of the stars.


She dances to the

music of the spheres:

a galactic gypsy,

with nebula daydreams,

and starfire drum circles.


Her days are like diamonds;

crystal pure and sparkly.

Her nights are as rubies;

molten and incandescent.


Sunny delights—

at the rumble of the thrusters,

rocketing her tumbling through space.

The hum of a phaser,

her pink light saber,

both put a smile on her face.


Her helmet’s adorned

with flowers and paisleys.

Her gloves are both sequin lined.

And when she puts on her black platform shoes;

she always has a good time.


Each year in the spring,

as Darth roams the galaxy,

sowing his chaos and violence—

Sunny sips a nice absinthe,

makes sachets of hyacinth,

and funkily bides her time.


Summer is when Sunny begins to shine,

leaving the Jawas and Sand-folk behind;

skipping the heat of Tatooine,

hitching a ride in a limousine—

sharing a seat in the stretch spaceship,

hopping the galaxy with the cool and the hip.


She’s Sunny Vader—



And may the force be with her.



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