The Softening of Time

I long to live always

as one dwelling

in oneness with creation—


Feeling the surf surge

within my own breast;

and not to merely watch

the waves as they crash upon the sand.


I want the wind to blow

through my lung’s branches,

in unison with the limbs of the fir and the pine.


Inhaling with each exhalation,

sharing breath and life,

with the trees—


Sweet camphor breath,

fragrant and sanguine,

all our lives intertwined.


I long to rest amidst the grasses,

under the golden sun,

and to feel my mind’s meadows blooming,

within the fertile soil of God’s eternity.



in stillness and peace,

the sharp edges of our calibrated time softening;

the ebb and flow of each day’s light,

like a lullaby to the soul.



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