Thank you Lord.

You’ve given me pillows,

for my mind to take rest—

gentle, fluffy emptiness;

clouds of stillness.


You knew I needed rest

from ceaseless thoughts:

these spectral wanderings,

arid breezes, swirling,

and stirred up;

tossed tumbleweeds,


across the landscape of my mind.


I lay now,

upon a bed of prayers,

spoken from the lips

of anonymous friends,

and I rejoice in You.


My heart is drained of its sorrow;

that festering swamp,


starving the mosquitoes,

who have engorged themselves,

on my misery—

little monsters,

demons of the underworld.


My soul rests in You;

safely guarded by Your Spirit,

so I sleep—

I sleep a deep, dreamless sleep.

I am restored by Your mercy and Your love.

I am guarded by Your justice and Your law.


What You ordained, has come to be,

and will be forevermore.

Thank you for still waters,

carrying me safely to Your shore.



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