Healing The Broken-Minded

Accusation, slander and libel are the weapons of the man without self-control. He wields his tongue wildly, flapping it in all directions, like a sword slicing the air, inflicting wounds without number, without care, like a crazy-man. Anger floods his mind; his thoughts running amok while he seethes with violence, looking for places to spit his venom. What response is there to such a man as this, in the throes of his vicious and slanderous babblings? There is no reasoning with the man without self-control, or the one intent on his own opinion. For he will guard his point of view like a bear guards her cubs, attacking without mercy anything which threatens it, or which casts light upon it, revealing its narrow limits and faulty foundations. No, the best response to the man spitting fire, is silence. Silence is the salve and the remedy, because there is no arguing with a man who lacks self-control. Set reasoning aside, it is useless now. Pick up kindness and gentleness and fill your mind with good wishes for his peace and happiness. Do this, but know that he won’t recognize your love. You will not get any credit for your sacrifice. But do it anyway because it is the best thing to do, and by so doing you will not cause greater harm. In time, you may even help heal a broken man; if not him, perhaps yourself.


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