I had within me a tower of peace,

filled with Christ’s presence—


He was its walls and strength,

its core and cornerstone;


protection from the attacks of the world,

and the provocations of the enemy.


From within this tower of peace,

I’d scoff at annoyances,

which brought others to their knees.


But today my tower burnt down,

a horrible thing, so swift,

and so total was its destruction—


It began with the usual attacks,

irritations or minor offenses;


The types of things to ignore, I’ve learnt,

and view with some amusement.


A small fire lit by these offenses,

within my tower of peace;


but easily extinguished,

when I called upon the Lord.


Then a second fire ignited,

within my tower of peace;


it began in the usual way,

when things in life didn’t go my way.


This fire caught hold and grew,

flames quickly burning through the roof.


My tower became a volcano,

with fire all around—


Soon only smoke hung in the air,

where once had stood my tower.


In shock I viewed the damage,

this anger in me had waged.


In confusion I sought my Lord,

answers for what had been destroyed.


If Christ was in my tower, was its walls

and its foundation—


In despair, within these ashes I lay,

gathering my wits, beginning to pray;


In this darkness, I saw my Lord,

waiting, ready to rebuild.


Then I knew He allowed this fire,

as a warning to the wise—


not to go astray by slowly,

turning, this tower of His Peace;


into a tower of my pride.



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