That Strange Silence

There is a silence within,

that startles, and terrifies,

and can make us run, half-mad,

for cover—


seeking solace in loud places,

to avoid this unsettling quietude,

by any means we can find,

to distract us.


What is in this silence,

that so troubles us?


Is it an empty darkness,




Or is someone in there,

we wish to avoid—



I resist, the urge to run,

I peer, timidly into the shadows,

I wait, listening for clues,

with breathless anticipation—


It is a strange silence;

smelling of the ancient past,

tasting of the distant future,

and feeling like a present place.


I have heard men speak of a hidden world,

a secret kingdom within,

joining heaven and earth.


And of a doorway, as the story goes,

which unites these two lands.


Within this silence, stands this doorway.

I believe.


And through this silence, we must journey—

To find our Home.



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