A Complaint and A Requiem for a Rose

Rage leads to shame­­,

anger begetting ignominy—

a fire that ends in embers.


What more must we endure?


I want to thrash and scream,

and make my displeasure known

to the universe.


The cold dark emptiness

dampens my cries,

absorbs my wails,

and ignores me.


Too many tears

like so much rain,

is tedious,

and erodes the slopes

within me.


A fire now rages—

hot and angry,

consuming everything,

engulfing homes,

and devouring my heart.


After a flood,

a fire feels good,

until it doesn’t.


A comforting warmth,

which burns,

intensifies, and destroys—

then covers us in a smoky

shroud of misery,

and shame.


What more must we endure,

yet again?


But to what end are all these tears,

and all this rage?


After all of this—

embarrassment and



Emotions to no purpose.


Even so

the earth endures—


green grass will emerge

through charred ruins.


And the beautiful rose

will bloom again.

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