Tears & Freedom

What tears have you shed;

that I’ve not shed also?


What tears could I cry;

that you couldn’t cry too?


What fear is there then, in sharing our pain—

one with another?


What loss could there be, in healing this shame—

between us?




Through this vale of tears,

behind veils, to hide our tears;

each walk, inside their fears,

yearning to break free.


Fear and shame divide us,

as dismal cloaks they hide us—

obscuring the depths behind our eyes,

and recognition of our common lives.


Tears are not a driving rain;

for driving us apart.

Tears are a revealing rain;

exposing each one’s heart.


And tears can be a healing rain—

enabling us to grow.




What sorrows have we known;

that Christ has not first known?


What suffering will we face;

that He has not embraced?


Upon our cross, all falsehood falls aside;

the fabric of our lives are torn asunder,

revealing a wedding garment under,

and truth proclaims we are Christ’s bride—


Jesus claims His bride,

looks long into our eyes,

lifts our veil of tears,

and from our shame and fears—


Christ frees us.



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