Love’s Pure Light

There is something so simple and so sublime

in the beauty of love expressed, from one to another,

which we are gifted to witness,

which touches our hearts

and causes them to well up with abundant gratitude,

both for the one who has given their love,

and also for the one who has received it.

We love them both all the more for it.


There is a love too difficult to bear.

Is there?

I am thinking of a love that pierces our hearts;

that can cause our souls to bleed, if they could.

This is a love that overwhelms our senses,

which can scarcely be contained,

as if the fabric of our being is starting to tear, and to come apart;

for which all the tears ever cried will burst forth in a flood of joy and pain—

as if we are giving birth to life, to an idea, to a new world within us,

and for each other.


Is there a love that can reveal the depths and the heights of life to us simultaneously?

Is it possible for us

to plumb down into the heart of the earth while also soaring through the clouds?

We have light, and sound, form and movement

given freely to us from the hand of God,

all of which fill us with this kind of love—

an excruciating magnanimity.


This life, so solid and bright;

it fills us with laughter and beauty;

a light reflecting from the shapes of our loves.

In this we move about and have our being.

This life, so paper thin and fragile;

a tear in the paper can take these forms away;

as they fall into the shifting shadows and disappear.


How can this life be so wide, so expansive and stretch us so far?

It is an exquisite radiance with a numbing darkness intertwined.

How I wish that it were pure light.



2 thoughts on “Love’s Pure Light”

  1. I love you Francis! You express so much of what my heart feels and experiences but is unable to put into words! Thank you for sharing your gift with us! I am so grateful for your friendship!


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