The Time of Our Lives

What a beautiful day!


It’s sunny, it’s rainy,

it’s cold or it’s hot,

it’s what we had wanted,

or else it is not—


It doesn’t get any better than this,

we are having the time of our lives.


In all things be joyful,

in all things be thankful,

in all things praise our God—


for making us,

and setting us,

in this time and place.


This is the time of our lives.


We’re sad and we’re happy,

we’ve lost and we’ve gained,

we’re old and we’re young,

in health and in pain—


This is the time of our lives.


From everlasting to everlasting,

from beginning to end;

Was, and Is, and Is To Come—

and nothing new, here under the sun.


They had their fun, and they’ll have it too,

just as we do—

we’ll all have this time of our lives.


Don’t wait for tomorrow—

do it today!

The Kingdom at hand—

seize the day!


The time in our lives,

when Christ arrives–

Now it will be,


The time of our lives!



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