Good Medicine

I watched the news today

and heard the world spinning round.


I did my work today

and put my shoulder to the ground.


I earned and spent and

kept the world going round.


But in my mind,

as work ground me into the ground—


my thoughts kept spinning,

round and round:


leaving me with little sense

of what’s up and what’s down.


Like a botox injection

to the inner man,

our worldly lives

living worldly plans.


Hearts paralyzed by fear and debt

with no recourse but to worry and to fret.


There is an antidote to

worldliness however,

an inoculation given

by Christ our deliverer.


Nursing us back

to wholeness,

with the medicine

of blessedness.


By faith and hope

within our hearts

we forge a union

that love imparts.


Our thoughts may swirl

like an epic tornado

but a peace will rise up

as a conquering hero.


We think we are alone

in this world,

yet in our hearts

we will find that pearl—


the one for which we

sell all we possess,

to live in peaceful




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