An Audience With The King

Incense coils upward

in long argentine strands

Angelic voices sing a joyous refrain:

“Receive the body of Christ

Taste the fountain of immortality.”


The hands of Christ serve

the body of Christ

from a golden chalice.

Each member called by name,

singular and unique.


Forming a line in quiet expectation

of the gift of eternal blessings;

a body numerous are

the servants of The King,

multiform, and manifesting His

infinite creativity.


Let us each put on

the eyes of thanksgiving

and the ears of obedience

and praise.


Laying aside all earthly cares,

let us settle into that peace

which reveals things

as they truly are;

without judgement

or condemnation,

but in the simplicity

of Godly revelation.


The Body and the Blood–

we receive,

and Christ receives us.

We are glorified by His glory

and deified by His divinity.


We come to the King empty-handed

and He gives us everything.



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