Cleaning House

Like longtime friends,

these habitual sins,

again and again,

make their home within.

Closer than family,

they know us innately,

fond of their company,

we invite them to stay.


We know that we shouldn’t,

we said that we wouldn’t,

we may act like we couldn’t,

yet we’ve made them co-tenants.

They people our thoughts,

doing away with all oughts,

we gave, and they got

to scheme and to plot.


How long will they stay?

At least they should pay,

here day after day,

but what can I say?

We’re housemates you know,

‘round the fires warm glow,

these sins and I show,

that we’re friends here below.


All greasy and comfortable,

neck deep in our meals,

gluttons ‘round the table,

we like how we feel.

In the basement with despair,

sucking out all the air,

while I play solitaire,

through dirty windows we stare.


In the pool, on the patios,

my lusts dance and carouse.

Images from daydreams,

let out giggles and screams.

Feeling popular and famous,

these crowds intravenous,

with raised glasses they cheer me,

in my mind it’s a party.


Overhead and around me,

pride’s my structural framing.

With self-love as my floor,

vanity’s my front door.

Mine is a tower on a hill,

flashy and glittery-gilt.

Specters of fame and of stars,

fill this house made of cards.


My guests are all clamorous,

freeloaders and odorous.

They are having a ball,

while I trip and I fall.

And of vice these are many,

each one costing me plenty.

Though their promises generous,

my debt’s growing more onerous.


I’ll kick them to the curb,

where they’ll no longer perturb.

But oh how entirely absurd,

that I find I’m immured.

The need here is great,

I should not hesitate.

My house is unsound,

but I find myself bound.


Looking for an ally,

to crash this mad party,

a Spiritual Strongman

to put this intrusion to an end.

He’ll send them off packing,

with a thorough tongue-lashing,

give my house a clean sweep,

then I’ll have a sound sleep.


Once my house is set right,

from its devilish plight,

and my mind is set free,

from this demonic jamboree;

I’ll give my house a remodel,

with thoughts godly and noble,

and through self-discipline and prayer,

this fixer-upper I will repair.



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