True Home

Our mother created

a comfortable and peaceful place,

a true home in every sense of the word.


We were delivered

out of difficulties and lonely spaces,

into a warmth which radiated love.


Her home was always opened

to those who needed a kindly face,

and hers was most kind and full of light.


Now she is gone

her home will be sold,

and we are left to find our own way.


We search drawers and closets

hoping to be consoled,

finding solace in anything that speaks of her.


Sharing words

about her home and her life extolled,

huddling in the shadows left by a setting sun.


We are tempted to remain here

looking towards our past,

turning this place into a museum.


But grace will not allow us

sending plagues to disturb our rest,

forcing us to flee towards freedom.


Calling us to seek a better place

enjoying an eternal feast,

meeting again in a house with many mansions.



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