May 18

By reorganizing his being and bringing it into conformity with God, man accomplishes what he was created for. He actualizes his nature’s normal end goal; he is and does what he can best be and do; he progresses towards the perfection to which God calls him; he becomes adequate to his true nature. This is the nature Adam possessed in Paradise but had altered through his sin: the nature that Christ gave back to mankind by bringing it to its fulfillment in Himself; the nature that man himself has put on by being baptized, albeit with the task of personally assimilating such nature to himself. There is a close correlation between man’s true nature and the nature of the commandments God gives him, which once again shows that the latter are in no way abstract principles or theoretical demands–ideals with no relation to man’s needs, possibilities, and destiny–but rather correspond on a deep level to what he is in essence…

~Dr Jean-Claude Larchet (Therapy of Spiritual Illnesses vol.2 pp.124-125)

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