March 12

Love of money and greed further destroy charity and pervert relationships with others by leading him whom they possess to see in his neighbor nothing more than an obstacle to the preservation of possessed riches or a means to acquire new ones. John Chrysostom also notes that “love of money brings us universal hatred” and “makes us detest everyone, the victims of injustice and even those whom our injustices have not trampled down.”

…These passions constantly provoke arguments and disputes. St John Chrysostom observes: “In riches, there is nothing but causes of affliction, divisions, quarrels, snares, hatred, thefts, envy, separations, enmities, storms, remembrance of wrong, hard-heartedness, murders.”

…As for greed, St Gregory of Nyssa remarks that it unleashes in man “either anger with his kith and kin, or pride towards his inferiors, or envy of those above him; then hypocrisy comes in after this envy; a soured temper after that; a misanthropic spirit after that.”

~Dr Jean-Claude Larchet (Therapy of Spiritual Illnesses vol.1, pp. 176-177)

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