January 15

And this life is not only the life of the soul, it is the life of the body. Through resurrection the body is also rendered immortal: it is delivered not merely from mortality, but also from that never-abating death of future chastisement. On it, too, is bestowed everlasting life in Christ, free of pain, sickness and sorrow, and truly immortal.

The death of the soul through transgression and sin is, then, followed by the death of the body and by its dissolution in the earth and its conversion into dust; and this bodily death is followed in its turn by the soul’s banishment to Hades. In the same way the resurrection of the soul–its return to God through obedience to the divine commandments–is followed by the body’s resurrection and its reunion with the soul.

~St Gregory Palamas (Philokalia vol.4, p.297)

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