Wasting Grace

Grace will raise us up and give us new life, a life transformed and renewed. It will give us eyes to see, and ears to hear, so that we can become enlightened, illuminated by true wisdom. Grace is blessed life, given us by God, that we may live our life in God; in blessed peace and joyfulness.

We have this gift, this power that can make all things new for us. How is it then that I use this power, instead, to give my old self renewed power? I treat the power of life like it’s a battery-charger; using it to fill me up, and revitalize my profligate activities.

I squander grace in idle talk; giving myself over to foolishness, wasting precious moments, pregnant with opportunity for godliness, upon pettiness and vanities.

God gives us power to do His will, yet I pour this power flagrantly, out upon the earth. The gift He has given me, I have used selfishly, and upon my own desires. Whereas it was given to me for the benefit of others, as a power of spiritual freedom; I have used it wantonly, as a power of enslavement—binding myself and others to worldly distractions, and ridiculous delusions.

This life is not for my amusement, nor is the precious breath of life intended to fuel the selfish satisfaction of my vain pursuits.

Sometimes, I am justly denied God’s grace that I may rightly see the results of my choices. Then, in my utter lostness and despair, I cry out to God for help. And wonderfully, grace returns, sometimes immediately, and other times after long anguished waiting.

Grace is a gift that leads us into wisdom and light. May we live in grace wisely, never wasting grace.


2 thoughts on “Wasting Grace”

  1. So true my friend! Well said! May we encourage each other to good works for His glory! Why does it take a lifetime to realize that the world and the flesh have so little to offer?


    1. Yes! Let’s do that. Thank you Maks. In answer to your (rhetorical?) question I at least, began life creating worldly habits, spending the better part of several decades laying down tracks going in the wrong direction, before I really learned in enough detail about the right direction, so now there are ingrained habits to change and that is hard work.


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