October 10

…be mindful of God, raising your intellect above all things and prostrating it wordlessly before Him, exposing your heart’s state to Him, and cleaving to Him in love. For mindfulness of God is the contemplation of God, who draws to Himself the intellect’s vision and aspiration, and illumines the intellect with His own light. When the intellect turns toward God and stills all representational images of created things, it perceives in an imageless way, and through an ignorance surpassing all knowledge its vision is illumined by God’s unapproachable glory.

Although not knowing, because what it perceives is beyond all knowledge, nevertheless the intellect does know through the truth of Him who truly is and who alone transcends all being. Nourishing its love on the wealth of goodness that pours forth from God, and fulfilling thereby its own nature, it is granted blessed and eternal repose.

~Theoliptos, Metropolitan of Philadelphia

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