is so beautiful and so precious;

it costs so much to live it,

it hurts so much to lose it.


Now is always here and always slipping away.

Reluctantly I let now go,

and meet the next now coming,

then lose that now as well.


Now leading to now leading to now—

until, eventually, no more.

Oh, no!

No now, to know, no more!


I relive old nows,

I imagine nows to come.

I attempt to control now—

I choose which now to keep and which to forget,

which now to imagine and which to ignore.


If I can only master now—

maybe now would never leave me;

if I could somehow control now…


stop changing now stop changing


Now never listens, it only talks;

and so seductively.

Now appears, surprising me,

I fall in love with now,

and then it leaves me—


now breaks my heart



I’m a fool for now,

when will I learn.

Every now I meet—

perhaps this time will be different  (and it always is)

but will it stay, will it never leave…

No, that now just left, then comes another, goes another.


Now makes my head spin—

going, coming, coming, going

I give up.


Yes, I give myself up to now—

and now fills my heart.



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