April 1

The essential, indispensable property of prayer is attention. Without attention there is no prayer. True grace-given attention comes from the mortification of our heart to the world….

The separation of the mind from the heart, and their opposition to one another, have resulted from our fall into sin. It is natural for divine grace, when it stretches out its finger to heal a man, crushed and broken to pieces by his fall, to join together his severed parts and to unite the mind not only with the heart and soul but even with the body, and to give it a single, true ardor for God.

~Ignatius Brianchaninov

One thought on “April 1”

  1. So beautiful that we can be completely consecrated to God-body, mind, soul, and spirit. So completely gathered together and surrendered to His love and unified in His Spirit! Glory to Jesus Christ!


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