March 16

Direct all your attention to the acquisition of love for your neighbor as the basis of your life…love your neighbor according to the dictates of the commandments of the Gospel, not at all according to the dictates and impulses of your heart….

Love your neighbor in the following way: do not get angry with him and do not bear resentment or a grudge against him. Do not allow yourself to say to your neighbor any reproachful, abusive, sarcastic, or caustic words.  Maintain peace with him as far as possible. Humble yourself in his presence….get out of the habit of arguing and quarreling, and reject it as a sign of pride and self-love….

Pray for those who cause you various offenses, wrongs, temptations, persecutions. Whatever you do, on no account condemn anyone; do not even try to judge whether a person is good or bad, but keep your eyes on that one evil person for whom you must give an account before God–yourself.

~Ignatius Brianchaninov

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