New Book: Good Mourning, Hopeful Night

Good Evening:

I wanted to let you know my first book of poetry is now available at the following webpage:


In about 5 days it will also be available on the main Amazon website and also Amazon Europe.

In about 6-8 weeks it will be available on Kindle and other outlets.

I wanted to thank all of you for your encouragement and feedback over the past many months as I’ve sent out new poems. Your responses helped me primarily as a person trying to recover from a difficult emotional blow, and also secondarily as a writer.

If you happen to purchase it on Amazon and have time to write a review that would be great. Good reviews are preferred, but the honest truth is always a good thing; good or bad.



3 thoughts on “New Book: Good Mourning, Hopeful Night”

  1. Francis,
    I have been meaning to ask you if you ever considered publishing a book of your writings and am so excited that you have done it! I can’t wait to get a copy! God’s blessings be upon your work and upon those who read it! I am sure it will resonate with many hearts !
    Thank you Francis,
    Your friend Michael-Makarios


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