August 8

The devil has deceived us by guile in a malicious and cunning way, provoking us through self-love to sensual pleasure (Genesis 3:1-5). He has separated us in our wills from God and from each other; he has perverted straightforward truth and in this manner has divided humanity, cutting it up into many opinions and fantasies.

The suffering of the saints lies in the struggle between malice and virtue, the former fighting to win control, the latter enduring all things to avoid defeat. The first struggles to nurture sin by chastising the righteous; the second to hold good men firm although they experience more than their share of misfortunes.

~St Maximos the Confessor



2 thoughts on “August 8”

  1. Hi Francis. One reason that I enjoy your blogs is because I gain more insight into the religious thinking of the early church. Thanks. Kirk


    1. That is a good reason. I agree. I know that many people see the early church as archaic and outdated but I feel like these quotes also help us recapture understandings that we’ve lost that are just as relevant now as they were then even if the terminology seems strange to us.
      Thanks Kirk.



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