May 16

One who is enslaved to greed may perhaps object: “I eat a great deal, and since this involves me in heavy expenses I am inevitably tied up with all kinds of worldly business.” Such a person should think of the huge whales that feed in the Atlantic Ocean: God gives them plenty to eat and they never starve, although each of them swallows daily more fish than a highly populated city would consume. “All things wait upon Thee, to give them their food at the proper time”. (Psalm 104:27). It is God who provides food both for those who eat much and for those who eat little. Bearing this in mind, anyone among you who has a capacious appetite should in future set his faith entirely in God, freeing his intellect from all worldly distractions and anxieties. “Be no longer faithless, but have faith”. (John 20:27)

-St John of Karpathos

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